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Big Builder Logo

IMG_2847Our Big Builders unique alternative learning enrichment program introduces preschool children to scientific concepts through hands-on experiential learning. Our Big Builders will construct 3D models using K’nex® building blocks.

These programs are conducted in small groups to ensure each Big Builder obtains the intended knowledge and experience. We believe that establishing this connection between learning and fun at such a young age will set our participants up for future successful learning and creating. e2 Young Engineers believes in education through play.

Suitable for: Year 1-Year 2

Average Lesson Duration: 45 minutes

Program Subjects Include

Physics Principles: Basic principles such as balance and buoyancy
Animal Kingdom: Various animals – domestic and wild
Biology: Natural pest control, pollination, and symbiosis
The Universe: Space, Earth, and the Solar System
Geometry: Characteristics of basic geometric shapes
Transportation and Traffic Safety: Understanding different types of vehicles including motorcycles, trucks, cars, and boats.

Bricks Challenge Logo

IMG_1703Our most popular Bricks Challenge program introduces children to the basic principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The highlight of each lesson is the building stage of a model demonstrating the lesson’s subject, using LEGO® bricks. Our students will learn math and physical principles through intuitive study, develop their independent learning and improve their building skills.

Suitable for: Year 3–Year 6

Average lesson duration: 60/ 75 minutes

Program Subjects Include

Basic and complex mathematics: Instructors teach basic math, from addition and subtraction to exponents
Famous scientific and philosophical figures: Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and more
Powers and principles in physics: Centrifugal and centripetal forces, the power of inertia, potential energy, kinetic energy, action/reaction law, buoyancy, torque, fulcrum, load division, angular momentum, and more.


Young Engineers LEGO Kit

Galileo Technic advanced program offers broad knowledge in Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students explore machines from a professional engineering perspective, focusing on identifying solutions and promoting teamwork to build complex mechanisms. The program provides an advanced level of thematic study, implementing mechanical engineering principles through building LEGO® parts models.

Suitable for: Year 4-Year 6

Average lesson duration 75 minutes

Program Subjects Include

Basic and complex mathematics: instructors teach basic math, from addition and subtraction to exponents.
Powers and principles in physics: centrifugal and centripetal forces, the power of inertia, potential energy, kinetic energy, action and reaction law, buoyancy, torques, fulcrum, load division, angular momentum, and more. Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and more.

Robo Bricks

The Robo Bricks course objective is to introduce the students to theoretical and practical aspects of the fields of Technology, Software Engineering, Math, and Entrepreneurship.

The course develops algorithmic thinking and program implementation, using the LEGO® WeDo graphic programming. During each lesson, students will build a robot using LEGO® parts and program it according to the required functionality. Most programming tasks will be performed using English terms.

This enrichment program objective is achieved when the students design a software and mechanical engineering project, study its market and use rhetorical methods to make a successful presentation to investors.

Suitable for: Year 4-Year 6 or 3rd-grade graduates of one of the Young Engineers mechanical engineering programs

Average Lesson duration: 60 minutes/90 minutes


Who doesn’t know what LEGO® is?

Everyone knows and remembers the experience of building with LEGO®. LEGO® bricks have been around since 1942, entertaining the young and the young at heart for hours on end. There aren’t many who haven’t experienced the enjoyment of playing with LEGO®, which is why it remains one of the most common games even today.

The special Young Engineers fun activities for golden age communities combine an incredible gameplay experience with lots of smiles. Each participant receives the unique Young Engineers LEGO® bricks kit and instruction sheet with large images that describe the construction process. With a certified e² instructor for guidance, the participants will build a fascinating technical LEGO® motorized model. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable and memorable activities for all ages.

Since LEGO® is well-known with multiple generations, it has become a common ground between different age groups, which is why we have a variety of very successful festive activities for adults and children.

More details about YE programs can be found on the YE New Zealand website

Statistical Overview

After extensive testing, it has been statistically proven that children participating in e² Young Engineers enrichment programs achieve high grades within all scientific subjects taught at school.

It has also been proven that elementary school students who join Young Engineers community obtain the mathematical knowledge required to succeed when tackling the more complex scientific curricula taught at middle and high schools.

Checkout The Statistical Report

These tests have been conducted by the

Center for Cooperation and Advancement (CCA)