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e² Young Engineers has developed a number of special LEGO® bricks workshops designed to enhance a number of one-off occasions, including birthday parties, school holiday program, take your child to work days, adults and senior citizen, special needs as well as gifted children workshops. All Young Engineers’ workshops revolve around the world of science and engineering.



GWho doesn’t know what LEGO® is?

Everyone knows and remembers the experience of building with LEGO®. LEGO® bricks have been around since 1942, entertaining the young and the young at heart for hours on end. There aren’t many who haven’t experienced the enjoyment of playing with LEGO®, which is why it remains one of the most common games even today.

The special Young Engineers fun activities for golden age communities combine an incredible gameplay experience with lots of smiles. Each participant receives the unique Young Engineers LEGO® bricks kit and instruction sheet with large images that describe the construction process. With a certified e² instructor for guidance, the participants will build a fascinating technical LEGO® motorized model. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable and memorable activities for all ages.

Since LEGO® is well-known for multiple generations, it has become a common ground between different age groups, which is why we have a variety of very successful festive activities for adults and children.

To coordinate a special LEGO® bricks workshop please leave your details on our Contact Us page.

More details about YE workshops can be found on the YE New Zealand website

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