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Enroll & Disclaimer



Parents/Guardians must agree to the following. Please carefully read the following before enrolling your child:


  • Parent’s/guardian’s are responsible for payment of program fees.
  • We do not have casual classes, it is a requirement to sign up for all session.
  • Payments must be paid fully in advance prior to the start of the program.
  • Failure to make payment may result in your child/children being withdrawn.
  • Payment option: Internet Banking, Bank Deposit, EFPOST or by Credit Card (3% additional charge from the total amount for Credit Card Payment).

Damage or loss of property

If your child/children damages or loses property belonging to Young Engineers or the Venue where the programs are being held, parent’s/guardian’s will have the responsibility of paying for recovery costs.

Updating Information

Enrollment information must be kept up-to-date. If any information changes for your child, please ensure to inform our staff so that we can update our records.

Privacy Act 1993

The information contained within the Enrollment Form will be used for Enrollment purposes only and may also be viewed by Child, Youth, and Family. The information will not be shared with unauthorized personnel or organizations and complies with the requirements of Principle 3 of the Privacy Act 1993.

Booking Cancellation and Changes

Cancellation and Changes of Booking can be done online by customer 7 days prior to the booked day.


Please inform us if your child is going to be absent from the program. Unfortunately, refunds are not available for being absent.


There will be no refunds if the child opts out of the program.

Sick Child/Children

If your child is unwell or sick, please do not send them to the program to avoid any sickness from spreading. If your child becomes sick at the program, we will notify you to come and collect them.

Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct that each child will be informed of and expected to abide by. The Code of Conduct helps to ensure we treat each other with respect.


Please inform us if you are withdrawing your child from the program. If a child’s behavior is considered too disruptive and there has been a consistent breaking of our Code of Conduct, we will inform parents and the child may be involuntarily withdrawn. Refunds will be made on pro-rata basis.

Health and Safety

Children and parents need to abide by the Health and Safety policies and procedures at all times.